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Welcome to Pacific PatientAccess

Safe and Secure Online Health Records

Pacific PatientAccess allows you to complete your medical and dental histories online, prior to your visit. Your information is transmitted safely and directly to our secure server.

Bring patients and providers online with Pacific PatientAccess module.

With Pacific PatientAccess, patients can update EPR (Electronic Patient Record) forms, verify personal information and demographics, view past appointments, confirm future appointments and review medicial information all via the Internet from the comfort of their own home.

Patient Forms

Pacific PatientAccess allows patients to fill out forms online from any internet enabled device. Once filled, the information is directly stored in axiUm's EPR forms and can be viewed by the axiUm system.

Confirm Appointments

Patients can quickly confirm their appointment with a single click. This is sent directly into the axiUm system and updates the schedule.

Appointment History

Patients can view their past and future appointments along with the associated treatments that will be performed, provider information and clinic information. This gives the patient all the necessary information they need to arrive at the clinic.